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Sharing Truth. Declaring Hope. Changing Lives.

 Declaring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Nations


Cynthia Carter-Smallwood Ministries
P.O. Box 647

Amherst, Ohio 44001

Tel: 440-465-0020
Fax: 440-245-8066


Ministering to the lost, broken, disenfranchised, to those are seeking God, and who thirsts after His Presence as a deer pants after the waterbrook is the passion of CCS Ministries. We deem it an honor to serve the people God loves, it displays the heart of a loving God who came to seek and to save.

Available for Weddings, Reunion Gatherings, and other special events. For reservation information, click the Contact Us Link.

Seminars and Conferences

Dr. Carter-Smallwood is an experienced conference and seminar leader and presenter. She has more than 30 years ministering in the conference and seminar milieus. She believes in allowing the Holy Spirit to navigate and take hold of the atmosphere to create a rich learning and transformative culture. 


Dr. Carter-Smallwood firmly attests God-ordained encounter yields greater intimacy, spiritual engagement, surrender, and reformation in our lives for Kingdom purposes. Allowing ourselves to participate in what God purposes through anointed times of ministry changes us forever and prepares us to follow where He leads.


​To inquire about any of our services, click on the contact link below.


Dynamic teaching which is bound to effect your life, ministry, and how you view your Christian faith. Dr. Carter-Smallwood loves to engage her audience to share the insights God is impressing within their hearts. She believes we learn more deeply when we are able to engage in a healthy discourse surrounding the Biblical truths within God's word. 


Dr. Carter-Smallwood greatest desire is for every Christian believer to growth in faith and grace. She believes embracing doctrinal truths and Christian disciplines will enable the Church to once again "turn the world upside down."


​To inquire about any of our services, click on the  contact us link.


Preaching of the word of the Lord brings power to the ears that ear, and wisdom to the hearts that receive it. 


Dr. Carter-Smallwood comes from a rich legacy of pastors, evangelists, teachers, and spiritual leaders. Being reared as daughter of a pastor has provided Dr. Carter-Smallwood great insight into the disciplines of preaching the word in all seasons. 


One of  her greatest treasures is studying the word of God from the bibles of her great-grandfather and father. 

​To inquire about any of our services, click on the contact us link.

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