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Desire to request Dr. Carter-Smallwood for your ministry event, conference, anniversary, or special event. Complete the on-line ministry request form or submit your written request to the contact information listed.


Sharing Truth. Declaring Hope. Changing Lives.

 Declaring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Nations


Cynthia Carter-Smallwood Ministries
P.O. Box 647

Amherst, Ohio 44001

Tel: 440-465-0020
Fax: 440-245-8066

Seminar Encounters

Small group teaching opportunites are available to promote individual learning and empowerment for ministry. Each small group is designed to impart biblical knowledge and an atmosphere of passion for ministry. Each participant is encouraged and equipped to reach their highest potential as a ministry leader and imparter of the works of the Holy Spirit.
Signs and Wonders & Prophesy 

Dynamic teaching on the power of the Holy Spirit and the manifestation of the Kingdom of God within the scriptures and in each believer empowers and emboldens the participant. Signs and womderous works of God is operating now in this present generation​, Dr. Smallwood purposes to create a hunger within the hearts of God's people to believe God still works miracles in and through His people. 


The love, grace, and mercy of God is revealed in how he demonstrates compassion, patience, favor, and intervention in the affairs of humankind. Through God's divine nature and actions he divluges his sovereign and divine intent to pour forth his goodness, righteousness, and grace.

Passionate Prayer

Insightful ministry regarding the inimate nature of prayer  is structured in a manner that makes biblical doctrine engaging and motivating. Initmiate  and reverential prayer flows from a passion within the inner man to communion and abide in God's Presence. Intimate intercession touches the heart of God and moves one into a deeper relationship with the Lord.


Jesus declared "I house shall be a house for all nations." A love for the things that God cares about demonstrates our love for him and honors his love for the world. Submitting to a caring disposition about the issues that concerns God requires knowing his heart. One can only know God's heart if the two are joined in spirit.  



The methods and techniques to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ is presented in an inspiring and non-judgement format. Sharing your faith using the cutting-edge fundamentals acquired in these small group instructional meetings will prepare you to easily communicate your hope with others.


Sharing Truth. Declaring Hope. Changing Lives.

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