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Sharing Truth. Declaring Hope. Changing Lives.

 Declaring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Nations


Cynthia Carter-Smallwood Ministries
P.O. Box 647

Amherst, Ohio 44001

Tel: 440-465-0020
Fax: 440-245-8066

About us


CCS Ministries is a Christian ministry equipped to change lives through sharing the saving, healing, and delivering power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and bringing hope to masses.


The mission of Cynthia Carter-Smallwood Ministries is to declare the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the nations of the world. Equipping the people of God to destroy the works of darkness, opening prison doors, and setting the captives free. The heart string of CCS Ministries is to release and deepen a passionate love for God  though engaging preaching, empowerment through doctrinal priniciples, teaching the concepts of intimacy via intercession, worship, and the Word of God .


Dr. Cynthia Carter-Smallwood is the Founder and President of CCS Ministries. Dr. Carter-Smallwood is a graduate of United Theological Seminary, a Kenneth Copeland Scholar, and Pastor in a thriving spiritual community in the Midwest.  Raised in a Christian enviroment, daughter of a pastor, and passionate minister of the gospel, she believes true liberty, wholeness, joy, and hope is found only in the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, this ardent exhorter of the Word decrees to preach until the captives are set free.

Sharing Truth. Declaring Hope. Changing Lives.

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